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Entrepreneur with principles and a philanthropist with a purpose and a speaker who is bent on bringing revolutionary changes. As soon as she finished her education and entered the development sector, she identified the significance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the public and private sector. She then started mentoring various companies to realize its true essence and implement it for a productive change in the society. Ms. Mukherjee helps industries collaborate, discuss and conceive progressive strategies to overcome the challenges and cast a generative impact. Her speeches are thought provoking and highlight all the significant aspects of CSR for its efficacious implementation. She is renowned for her inspiring and educating communication strategies. She can aptly be called asa thought leader who has been influencing the people through her intellect, social perspective and experience. She is convinced that if prioritized well, the correct approach towards CSR will help change the societies by ushering new business models.

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International Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

CSR Advisors

CSR Development Stories Pvt Ltd

Ekjaa – Unanimous Growth

Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)

In the recent developments of CSR

Skills Training & Jobs Placement – Skill Development

Talking about dream jobs, we must first have a dream. But what about the kids from the areas not much accustomed to the so called educated society? Don’t they have a desire to work? To fulfill these untold dreams of those depreived, Ekjaa foundation went deep down to the slum areas and did a survey on thousands of men and women. As predicted there was a huge chunk who were dropouts and many who were though graduate had no job.

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Self-Defense Training for Women – Project Shakti

Maa, I don’t feel safe when I come back from school”, Meera said. Her mother was a single parent and it was quite obvious for her to get worried. This is the normal scenario in India nowadays. Is our country something to be proud of? Sure, it is.

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English Teaching in Slums

Our NGO synthesizing the goals of CSR has trained a special English teaching cell for slum areas.

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Delhi Votes !!!

Published on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

It is close to 1 year, that I was engrossed in Lok Sabha election campaigning, the purpose was primarily to learn Politics and its nitty-gritty. Elections are like Big Fat Indian Weddings wherein the Candidate is the Dulha contesting for the Dulhan “Constituency Seat”.

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Sustaining Mergers and Acquisitions ~ The CSR way

Published on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

CSR and Sustainability factors in Mergers and Acquisition. The perception about CSR has always been about spending CSR Budget and is reinforced by the Government. This belief leads us to the prime challenge of de-valuing Intangibles and non-financial reporting’s.

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CSR Advisors in Vogue !!!

Published on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

The Companies ACT 2013 by Government of India (GoI) has mandated the long time trending term “Corporate Social Responsibility” aka “CSR” which has become a vogue now. This has it’s own pros and cons – the pro being now the market is in need of more CSR Professionals con is we don’t have them !

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