The introduction of CSR Bill has made Non-Financial Reporting a mandate for India Inc.

SROI provides a clear framework for anyone interested in measuring, managing and accounting for social value or social impact.

The workshop enables you to create Non-Financial Report for your company, NGO or specific projects.

What is SROI?
SROI is a form of stakeholder-driven evaluation blended with cost-benefit analysis tailored to social purposes. It tells the story of how change is being created and places a monetary value on that change and compares it with the costs of inputs required to achieve it.

Giving Value to the Non-tangibles

Topics Covered:

Mapping Stakeholders
Mapping Outcomes
Evidencing outcomes and giving them value
Establishing Impact
Calculating SROI and more
Take Away’s:

The functioning of non-financial reporting
How to build non-financial report
The importance of non-financial reporting
How to calculate the Social returns on the investment for your company or csr projects
Applications of Non- Financial reporting
Target Audience: Corporate, NGO, Social Entrepreneurs, Curious learners.


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