Ekjaa is completely devoted towards women empowerment. Providing assistance in English speaking is one of the principal motives of our foundation. Ms. Mukherjee, as a speaker of CSR, incorporates the vision of CSR and helps identify key regions where women lag behind in education, and in their overall development. Our NGO has formulated myriad plans, programmes and workshops that conduct English training for women all over the country. For this purpose we have hired a team of professionals who would help the beginners to learn in an extremely congenial and friendly environment.

The aim of this particular cause is to help a woman grow in her intellect thereby boosting her morale. This further creates better employment opportunities for them in various spheres.

The English Cultivation Programme is a fundamental of CDR. Hence at Ekjaa, the team focuses on the following:
Build up of basic Grammar and English Language principles: Candidates get an insight in to the basic rules of English speaking. Written examinations are conducted to make the lessons more authentic and complete.

Guidelines on Usage: the candidates are encouraged to interact with the trainer and get a command over the Language. Open interactions as well as group interactions are exercised to develop the usage of basic words.
Communication Skills: Coaching on various aspects of communication skills like confidence, body language etc. is given to the candidates. Mock interviews and activities are organized for them in order to give them foolproof job training and recruitment.

Ekjaa has orchestrated in various schools, industries, orphanages etc.

At Ekjaa we believe that if we educate a woman, we educate a complete generation!

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