For any country to develop, it is very essential to target the slum areas which prevail in a vast number and hinder the progress of any nation. Being a representative and patron of CSR , our NGO pays special attention towards education and imparting English lessons to people residing in slums. Our main concern is to make them equipped for jobs in order to cultivate financial independence and a better quality of living.

Our NGO synthesizing the goals of CSR has trained a special English teaching cell for slum areas. This professional brigade is capable to handle the intricacies and sensitivities of people living in such poor conditions. The English Teaching programmes so chalked for them are conducted at various levels. The framework has close resemblance with a school starting from primary to secondary. Since the inhabitants of slums have no prior knowledge of anything like English, it becomes significant to teach them from the square one.

The agenda focuses on the following:

  • Primary level education: this starts from the basic ABC of English and the construction of words.
  • Secondary level: in this level, candidates are trained to form sentences and use them in speech.
  • Written examinations are conducted at every step to ensure the cultivation of knowledge.

Ekjaa in collaboration with ICSR has successfully carried out English Teaching programmes in the remote slums areas of Jamrushi Nagar, Pathanwadi located in Malad(East), Mumbai. The children inhabiting that area go to municipality schools and hence their knowledge for English/Spoken English is very poor. Basics of English were taught and then slowly week after week the level was increased.

Ekjaaites have created a strategy of teaching with fun i.e. teaching along with fun activities. At Ekjaa we make it a point to also inculcate lessons of general knowledge, maths, science and social manners in the children that will help them develop with time. Ekjaa Foundation provides basic stationery to children as a part of their teaching framework.

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