It is close to 1 year, that I was engrossed in Lok Sabha election campaigning, the purpose was primarily to learn Politics and its nitty-gritty. Elections are like Big Fat Indian Weddings wherein the Candidate is the Dulha contesting for the Dulhan “Constituency Seat”. I campaigned for a Political party which is giving tough fight in Delhi. Post that there have been Elections across India where I refrained to be a part and focused on my work more. One of the reasons is the party I campaigned for has no existence in my state anymore and I felt lost, still do.

I wonder what did Delhites go through in the past year wherein, they showed faith in the party and were left in the midst. It is not only Delhi but also millions of people who placed their faith in the same party and have been left in the midst free to join other parties since that party has no existence in their state. I would not blame the words “Bhagoda” et al though we can give lenience for Political novices and wannabes to some extent. Restricting the party to Delhi and not contesting other states reinstates the same mistake the party made in Delhi. Thus, magnifying their image of “Fleeing” and being an “Escapist”. Maybe my colleagues and friends would mind these words but this is what is felt.

At some point in life, I would like to know the system more and contribute to it. The only difference this time whenever I be a part of it will be to be in a National party wherein a proper training, grooming and opportunity for next generation is given. I pledge not to put my faith in local/religious/regional parties which leave people disillusioned.

Being a Mumbaite, I love Delhi, it’s clean and wide roads are unmatched and the royal feeling we get from the Golf Club is antiquated. I often visit the city for work but can’t live there like Mumbai. I generally go for a walk between 10pm to 11pm in MUMBAI and not even once was I bothered, sure this isn’t possible in Delhi. I wish to do the same in Delhi and hope the people of Delhi vote for such a Government who ensures “Women Security”. With Delhi’s infrastructure and affluence, power/water etc are menial you need job creators to pay the bills and a stable, good Government in Majority. Hope you don’t fall in the ploy to give a mixed verdict again.

Delhi is the Washington of India, the largest democratic country, it represents India. The new Government has surely changed the way world looks at India with Mr. Ban Ki Moon and Mr. Kerry attending Vibrant Gujarat and Obama our Republic Day speaks a ton in itself.

Dear Delhi people, please make the capital of India a “Global Power Capital” redefining it from Rape/Dharna/Wobbly Governance capital. I surely am missing the political gamut and will be back with the right party and be among people who teach good governance lessons.

All the Best !!!

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