International Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

International Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility” is destined to be the center point in the world to gain knowledge and expertise in Skills in Sustainability and Responsible Business Practices. The best minds in socio-business activities across the globe aim merge on this platform. It encourages mind to research, innovate and develop in CSR. The curriculum is based by incorporating Industry and practitioner’s knowledge.

CSR Advisors

CSR ADVISORS (2013), a venture co founded by Ms. Harsha Mukherjee is an organization that concentrates on CSR Consulting and training with a presence all over India. Its team is committed to further the cause of CSR and advocate its excellence. It was created to fulfill the ever increasing CSR requirements of the development sector. The company comprises of professionals who are adept at all the aspects of CSR and hold PHD’s, MBA’s or MSW from renowned universities. Each one of them has been associated in building a global level social project.  Its team is immensely zealous in

CSR Development Stories Pvt Ltd

CSR DEVELOPMENT STORIES PVT LTD (2012) has been an initiative by Ms. Harsha Mukherjee, highlighting the development stories and bringing them to the world for further awareness. The development stories are communicated and developed before they are aired on social media, electronic, air and print media. The CSR talks promoted by them are expressed by the management and the decision makers of the Multinational companies. They speak about the CSR implemented in their businesses along with their expectations from the government and the civil society. It has been flourishing with breakthrough results while collaborating with CSR Vision, India CSR, CSR Wire, NDTV Profit and Radio Mirchi. The company offers advisory services as well with the support of its affiliations. This is an endeavor to push for CSR and sustainability activities around the world.

Ekjaa – Unanimous Growth


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Non Profit Organization founded by Ms. Mukherjee. She brought it into existence with just one thought, ‘Empowerment of the people for a better society and an even better future’. It aims to make every individual contribute to the advancement of the society and the flowering of humanity all across the world. EKJAA is the first social organization in the world which offers ‘Donate and lend’ model on a single platform. Its every effort is directed towards spreading social awareness and creating a sense of responsibility in the people so they collaborate to support each other in need. It brings together NGOs, MACs, MFIs, Corporate and Educational institutions to enrich the society through their social and humanitarian support besides raising funds. The organization is intensely vigilant about verifying the projects or people who require funds before aiding them. One can donate or lend as low as Rs.100. EKJAA volunteers are active and alert in making project site visits and ensuring that the funds are being used where needed. From teaching in slums of Jamrushi Nagar (East Mumbai) with one student to plenty and at various locations along with a library under the name ‘Achala Library’, the gradual growth of this foundation has been commendable. Ms. Harsha Mukherjee is an ideal humanitarian than just being a human through her endeavors in giving back to the society.

Pearls and Pashmina’s

Pearls and Pashmina’s was established in USA in 2007 by Ms. Saima Khan and Ms. Harsha Mukherjee. Handicrafts, Jewellery, Pashmina’s and other similar products were imported from India and Pakistan to cater the American market. The shops were in the malls of Ohio – USA. The venture made a profits of $80,000 in 9 months.

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