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One Laptop per child (OLPC)

Client: One Laptop per Child – India Foundation
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: SocialAudit

Brief :

The OLPC Foundation’s mission is to stimulate local grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain over time the effectiveness of laplets as learning tools for children living in lesser-developedcountries.

OLPC India aims to distribute technologically advanced laplets to as many underprivileged children as possible to revolutionize the face of rural education. The human race has entered a new era of information technology, day in and day out, we enjoy the benefits of access to information and advancement of technology. The concept of OLPC is illuminating the lives of little minds that form the country’s future. Hence a bright future is highly anticipated along with a changed lifestyle and revolutionized ways of learning. With access to this self empowered learning tool and collaborative features; the young aspirants become connected to each other, to the world and to a brighterfuture.

Case Details: 

OLPC had distributed 100 laptops to Khairat School in Maharashtra. The outcomes of the project were to be verified and the impact on children was to be ensured. OLPCI decided to conduct Social Authentication with CSRDS to know the social relevance of the project on the children in theschool.

Social Audit Studies :

CSRDS conducted social audit. The following steps were taken:

  • Project research
  • Independent interviews with TISS professors and staff leading the project
  • Khairat school project site visits
  • Analyzing the modes in which children use OLPC
  • Preparing report submitting innovative approach to OLPC India Management team
  • Ensuring implementation of the feed back given.

Each One Teach One (EOTO)

Client: Each One Teach One Foundation
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: Social Audit /Impact Assessment
In Association: CSRAdvisors

Brief :

EOTO has been serving the underprivileged children of India since last 30 years. The NGO is established since 1983. We have spread our activities over eight schools in Mumbai and two in Bangalore. In 2003, EOTO decided to serve the more needy villages and started it’s activities in four villages around Mumbai. In 2008, EOTO started mobile library to reach out to ten more villages around Palghar. Today, more than 8000 children directly benefit from it’s programs every year and 8000 children have passed out of the program and moved on in their professional life as welders, nurses, doctors, engineers etc.

Case Details: 

EOTO has been conducting Tuition classes for a decade at Sion and Vile Parle BMC School. The studentsare from class 5th to 10th gradeand are chosen by personalvisit of EOTOstaff. At Vile Parle, children are of under privileged school and the project is supported by Emphasis IT Solutions. At Sion, the school children thought are of SC/ST community and the project is supported by TataMotors. EOTO felt the need to conduct Impact Assessment studies for the 2 projects to communicate it with its stakeholders, to provide transparency and accountability reportto its resource partners,to measure impactcreated bythe projects.

Social Audit / Impact Assessment Studies :

CSRDS conducted social audit at both the locations. The following steps weretaken:

  • Stake holder Analysis
  • Primary and secondary data collection by focused group discussion, individual interviews, project site visits, end beneficiaries home visits
  • Qualitative and Quantitative questionnaires for each stake holder
  • Data Analysis using SPSS Tool
  • Benchmarking/Rating Indicators for the project
  • Comparative Analysis: Evaluate similar projects in the surrounding and the best global project in this arena
  • Social Monitoring mechanism for the project
  • Government schemes for education/skills training of under privileged children and SC/ST Children


Livinguard Technologies

Client: Livinguard Technologies PvtLtd
Location: Jambalpada – Maharashtra
Intervention: Social Audit /Impact Assessment
In Association: CSR Advisors

Brief :

Livinguard Technologies, a 100 % subsidiary of Green Impact Holdings, Switzerland is a technology driven company, which focuses on coating textiles which have applications in healthcare, water purification, hospitality, food preparation and tactical apparel. Complemented by other textile solutions, Livinguard is a revolutionary textile coating technology which renders textiles disinfecting innature.

From 2010 Mr Swamy, at the behest of Brig Kevin Mann, UK, has been working on a textile that could be worn by soldiers on the field for weeks without spreading rashes or diseases. The technology was perfected in 2011. The same concept has been used as technology for the water purification process. The textile kills all bacteria and viruses that comes into contact with human cells and remains nontoxic to humans, and finally, the killing action is dependent on contact to the textile. Micro biologically contaminated water comes into contact with textiles, the bacteria and other microbiological pathogens in the water could be killed as well.

Case Details: 

The study is important to Livinguard as it helps them identify and rectify any shortcomings. Livinguard has worked using a grass root level approach right from the start. With each field experience, Livinguard made adjustments to the systems themselves and then to the approach with NGOs, locals, and corporates. Through a thorough analysis of its current practices, Livinguard will be able assess what the next steps are to be taken in order to continue optimizing its process.

Social Audit / Impact Assessment Studies :

CSRDS in association with CSR Advisors contributed in the following method:

  • Macro and micro Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Bench marking indicators for the project
  • Establishing Social Monitoring System
  • Evaluation of similar projects in the surrounding
  • Government schemes for drinking water and subsidies offered



Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: Social Audit /Impact Assessment
In Association: CSR Advisors

Brief :

Sevamob is a for-profit social enterprise and their mission is to fundamentally transform primary health care via mobile clinics and a tele-health marketplace. Sevamob provides services to bottom of the pyramid consumers in India through a subscription-based model in which doctors visit patients’ homes on a monthly basis for regular check ups. The company started in December 2011 in Uttar Pradesh, expanded to Karnataka and in the National Capital Region in April 2014 and finally arrived to Jharkhand in August 2014. In January 2014, they set up India’s first tele-health marketplace. SevaMob model provides low-cost healthcare delivery model works on hub-and-spoke model. The mobile clinics provide basic primary care, medicines for common ailments and prescriptions on groups’ premises. Sevamob delivers care through camps organized at schools, bus depots, factories etc, using a mobile van. There is a 24/7 call centre and, in addition, no-charge back-office appointments can be made for family medicine, gynaecology and paediatrics for more advanced needs. Working on a subscription model for groups, either the subscriber or their employer pays for theservices.

Case Details: 

The basic objective of this study is to understand the impact on beneficiaries by using SevaMob services. It also includes study about the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms of the Sevamob, it’s operations in various locations, efficiency and effectivity of it’s services. Based on the study recommendations to strengthen these mechanisms have been provided.

 Impact Assessment Studies :

CSRDS in association with CSR Advisors contributed in the following method:

  • Analysed the Mobile Healthcare facilities in India.
  • Used Participatory Rural Appraisal Method to successfully conduct the study
  • Formulated Public-Private Partnership mechanism
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Instilled social monitoring system
  • Suggested methods to improve services and reach higher impact



Client: Omkar Builders
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: Baseline Survey /Need Assessment
In Association: Sustainable Square PvtLtd

Brief :

Omkar believes in inclusive redevelopment doctrine as progressive solution to make Mumbai a slum-free and highly habitable city. Omkar is proud about the fact that, over the years, the brand has managed to develop as a role model for inclusive and progressive redevelopment in city’s slum rehabilitation space. While denting the city’s image and being a serious impediment for infrastructural growth, the slums occupying almost half of the city are negating the future progress of existing and future generations. An estimated 7-8 million of Mumbai’s resident population is living in denials facing extremely challenging circumstances. Omkar has begun Skills Training Programs across it’s SRAs in association with multi-level engagement with corporates, government etc.

Case Details: 

Omkar builders wanted to initiate skills development programs to enable people become economically sustainable. To realize this mission they had to conduct need assessment/baseline studies in all the SRAs in Mumbai. CSRDS conducted Need Assessment of more than 25,000 households living in SRAs. Locations: Bhoiwada, Khaprideo, Worli, Malad, Majaswadi – Jogeshwari, Lower Parel.

 Baseline Survey / Need Assessment:

  • CSRDS formulated teams for each SRA and trained the surveyors to conduct training and to understand the needs of the people in between the lines.
  • An exhaustive data analysis was conducted to understand the requirement of the people
  • Collaborations with corporates was guided by CSRDS leading to macro stakeholder engagement and partnership.
  • To engage End Beneficiaries programs were conducted and CSR Heads of various organizations were invited to interview candidates of SRA.
  • SROI Forecasting was conducted during need assessment.
  • A detailed baseline survey/need assessment report was delivered.


Wellingkar School

Brief :

The Global Citizen Leadership (GCL) program was launched by WeSchool in August 2012 in association with the world renowned Center for Creative Leadership with a view of providing holistic student growth and development, this voluntary-run and mandatory program is integrated into the regular PDGM curriculum as a credit course to boost the Emotional Quotient (EQ) in addition to the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). It aims at enabling students to be leaders who are not just Business Managers but also global citizens with empathy towards the stakeholders. This cutting-edge transformative program focuses on democratizing leadership development and is a multiphase program spread over 6 months wherein students are guided by Faculty, mentor interventions, on a weekly basis. Ms. Harsha Mukherjee on behalf of CSRDS mentored, guided the students to conduct the studies and conclude on the findings.

Case Details: 

The students conducted need assessment studies in the tribal area of Goregaon and slums of Malvani – Malad (West). The outcomes of the report are been submitted to various corporate in the surrounding locations to fulfill their Social Responsibility activities.

Need Assessment:

  • Developing survey tools
  • The team organized community level meetings to conduct one on one interviews, group discussions at all.
  • Stakeholder Mapping and categorizing at different levels.
  • Data gathering and analysing was done by CSRD Steam.
  • Report writing
  • Submitting the Need Assessment report to various corporates for Socially responsible activities.


Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment – India (ALERT – INDIA)

Brief :

Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment – India (ALERT – INDIA), an NGO based in Mumbai, is primarily engaged in the field of health promotion among the most vulnerable section of society in urban and rural areas of Maharashtra since more than 3 and half decades.

ALERT-INDIA works towards controlling communicable diseases like leprosy, TB and HIV AIDS in close collaboration with the public health system of the Government at various levels. All its health programmes enable inclusive growth of the underprivileged people that will create long term value for society at large.

ALERT-INDIA has professional team with vast experience in implementing community health programmes for specific population groups such as economically weaker section, adolescent, women, and migrants in slums.

Case Details: 

  • ALERT INDIA wanted to measure the Social return on investment (SROI) of their projects in totality to present to it’s donors and other stakeholder’s. In India, it was the first of it’s kind study conducted for organization working for leprosy affected patients.
  • CSRDS prepared survey tools and set up interviews with end-beneficiaries, staff, families, donors at all.
  • With the help of our experts, we conducted SROI Analysis following SROI London methodology.
  • The outcome was for every rupee spent ALERT INDIA gave SROI value of Rs. 41 Net.


Ekjaa Foundation – Implementation of CSR Projects

Books, Toys and Clothes Campaign :

Ekjaa Foundation
Location: Mumbai andDelhi
Intervention: Toys, Book and Clothes
In Association: Ficus Advisory Pvt

Ekjaa Foundation rolled out Books, Toys and clothes collection campaign in Mumbai and Delhi in 2012. Toys and clothes collection campaign in Mumbai and Delhi in 2012 along with teaching in the slums of Mulund. We also represented in IIM – Ahmedabad to recruit talent to work on our project. In Mumbai, we were supported by the students of IIT-Mumbai and the drive was held in Hiranandani Powai. In Delhi, Ekjaaites from Jaypee Institute of Management Ekjaaiteed. The drive was held in Delhi Haat with the support of CSR activities of Ficus Advisory Pvt Ltd.
We have distributed the proceeds to NGOs such as Nayee Umang – works for HIV positive people, Empower People-Works on women empowerment, Bride and Human trafikking challenges and other similarNGOs.

Digital Literacy:

Ekjaa Foundation
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: Digital Literacy
In Association: NGF Global and CSI

Ekjaa Foundation successfully conducted and completed Digital Literacy program in association with NGF Global and Computer Society of India (CSI) – Mumbai chapter. The program was conducted in Government schools in Vile Parle, Santacruz, slums in Mulund through NGO Saheli and school in Panvel by Warrior Foundation Mumbai and inIndore.
The Ekjaaites engaged college students of SNDT and Vidya vardhini college and employees of Fly Jac Logistics.

Eye Check Up Camp :

Ekjaa Foundation
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: Eye Check
In Association: Mahavir International Foundation

Ekjaa Foundation conducted Eye check up camp in association with Mahavir International.

The camp distributed 2000 free specs to the underprivileged people of Jamrushi Nagar, Goregaon – Mumbai.

The camp was conducted by the team of Dr. NB Chajjad and 2 supporting staff at the project site. The patients who suffered with cataract were offered free treatment at Santacruz Pvt hospital under Dr. Chajjad’s guidance. A general check-up and medicines were also distributed in the camp.

English Literacy Project :

Ekjaa Foundation
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: English Classes

We began teaching in the month of January every Sundays with one Ekjaaite initially. The first place we decided to target were the slums of Jamrushi Nagar,Pathanwadi located in Malad(East), Mumbai. The children in that area go to municipality schools and hence their knowledge for English/Spoken English is very poor. Basics of English were taught and then slowly week after week the level was increased. By the end of January two more Ekjaaites Prateek Jain and Anshul Agrawal joined in. There were total three now, so teaching was even more fun.

The Ekjaaites taught the mad way, it was teaching with tang of fun activities. After a few months, we came up with a new place in Goregaon(East) again where the kids went through the same problem. Soon work began there and Sakshi Jain also joined as Ekjaaite, with the increase in the number of Ekjaaites there has been additional 2 places where we expanded.

All the children in the adjoining vicinity area have also joined English classes. We make it a point that along with English we inculcate general knowledge, maths, science and social manners in the children that will help them develop with time.

In both the locations, Ekjaa Foundation took care that all the kids receive basic stationery required for learning. There are plans to start Digital Literacy i.e. basic computer education for the same kids in near future.
The students of MMK college Bandra, SFIT Enggineering college and LR Tewari Management College were engaged in the project.

Achala Library Project:

Ekjaa Foundation
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: Library

Achala Library is based in Goregaon, Mumbai to encourage reading habits in children, youth and adults. We have collected over 3000 books through book donation camps held in malls and individual donations. We also conduct English, maths and other trainings for the children at no cost.
The Library works on a membership model of Rs. 600 annually with no extra fee for book issue.

Book Collection Campaign:

Ekjaa Foundation
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: Book Donation
In Association: Infiniti Mall, Hiranandani Mall, IITStudents

Ekjaa Foundation rolled out Books donation campaign in Mumbai in association with Infinity Mall. In the summer event of Infinity Mall Funomania we were allowed to install collection centers in Malad and Andheri malls of Infinity. Ekjaa volunteers participated in the 21 days event of Book collection drive.
The proceeds of the collection were contributed towards the development of Achala Library and nearly 5000+ books were collected.


International Institute of corporate sustainability and responsibility(IICSR)

CSR, Sustainability and international Development and link to Indian Government CSR Law (March 2014 and June 2014)

International Institute of CSR
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: Introduction to CSR and Social Value Change
In Association: CSR and Finance Institute and CSR Advisors

The course focused upon CSR in international development and its practical implications. Starting from a discussion on what is CSR and Sustainability all about, starting with a clear and useful definition to help you understand the maze of terms that are being used as well as how they link to other concepts such as those defined by ISO26000, the EU, the UN Global Compactetc
The 2 workshops were conducted by Dr. Michael Hopkins, Mr. Harsha Mukherjee and Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala.

Social Return on Investment – SROI Workshop (February 2015):

International Institute of CSR
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: SROI Workshop
In Association: CSR Advisors

Social impact is usually measured intangibly on the basis of direct feedback from beneficiaries, surveys, or other soft methods of comparing organizational targets or societal goals. More often they are reported in terms of capital invested or number of beneficiaries. In other words, current social measurement trends are not at all indicative of real success. Our social impact measurement model (which is in accordance with the global SROI – Social Return on Investment Network) converts social change into financial terms, parallel to and in the same language as a year-end financial report. This works by measuring the impact, based on modern stakeholder engagement and accounting methods, conceptualized by leading economists, by creating financial proxies and indicators on how the project or initiative has created measurable quantifiable value to the society.
The workshop was conducted by Ms. Harsha Mukherjee and Dr. Monaem Lellahom and was attended by more than 25 corporates from diverse fields of industry.

CSR Meet-Up & Round Table (Every Month 2015):

International Institute of CSR
Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra
Intervention: CSRMeet-up
In Association: Indian Education Society(IES)

The Meet-Up aims to establish networking with professionals working in CSR & Sustainability and to exchange ideas and support the community togrow. . Focus on people who work or aspire to contribute in CSR and its various forms. Introduction of CSR Heads and Responsible of CSR Activities from Top Companies in Mumbai and abroad sited together to share ideas and solutions.

International Event created and organized by Dr. Michael Hopkins, coordinate by Ms. Harsha Mukherjee in India. Currently held across different countries (London, Geneva, Washington, New York &Amsterdam).

It has been hosted already by Essar Foundation, Reliance Energy Group, IES (Indian Education Society) with participation of top corporates companies, such as Essar, Omkar, Tata Power, State Bank of India, Reliance, Ambuja Cement, Larsen&Toubro, Bluedart, different NGO, Non Profit Organisation from different sectors and international speakers.

CIDCO Vocational Training Institute:

International Institute of CSR
Location: Dronagiri
Intervention: Training Workshop
In Association: SNDT Women’s University

The CIDCO Vocational Training Centre, designed a well thought out curriculum to create a productive workforce for the future industries as well as to create a pool of self employed youth and women who are on their way to contribute to this new developing node in Navi Mumbai. CIDCO undertook the rehabilitation work of the people in Navi Mumbai to develop thearea.

CIDCO’s (Project Affected People) PAP Training Center was much needed to ensure that the PAP youth are placed in the growing industrial sector in Navi Mumbai. CIDCO made an exhaustive list of courses to be taught to PAP youth at the center but the analysis showed the concerns that PAP educated youth stay unemployed and hence there was a focus to train the PAP youth and women. They were to be trained in skills that would enhance their chances to become entrepreneurs and self dependence.

CIDCO tied with SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai to provide the content of the courses at the Droangiri PAP Center and Dr. Brahma Prakash Tripathi was a part of the professional team that was offering knowledge and skills to the PAP youth and women through the training centre courses from retail management to office management to catering for women from July 2009. Each course would have a nominal charge of Rs 250, the Chief Minister at that time, was keen that CIDCO ensures that the youth trained at the center are placed in malls and service industry. Some of these young boys, girls and women, went to become entrepreneurs and opened their own small retail stores that offered many different products.

CSR Project Monitoring and Reporting :

International Institute of CSR
Location: Mumbai
Intervention: Workshop on CSR Project Monitoring and Reporting
In Association: All India Plastic Management Association

IICSR conducted 4 intensive sessions covering CSR Project Management, monitoring and reporting.

The topics included CSR Laws, Quantitative and Qualitative measurement, Audio/visual communications of CSR along with 50 case studies. The keynote speech was given by Dr. Michael Hopkins, founder CSRFI Geneva.

The workshop was attended by: State Bank of India Foundation, Kalpataru Builders, Omkar Builders, Hand in Hand NGO, Percept systems Pvt Ltd and Tata Sustainability Group.


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